The current health emergency is also having an important impact on the Women’s European Cup, a great novelty for the 2020 motorcycle season. The expected women’s trophy, that will accompany the Italian Speed Championship, should have debuted at the end of April (in Misano Adriatico), but the restrictions imposed by the Italian Government have delayed this appointment.

In this period, Motoxracing and EMG Events together with the Italian Motorcycle Federation and all other parties involved are considering different solutions. One of the proposals is that of a calendar articulated on four events, to be held in the months from July to October. In that case, the Women’s European Cup would be present at each race weekend and one or more double rounds could be inserted, to recover previously cancelled races. In addition, the start of the season could be preceded by a collective test at the end of June, organized to identify any problems for the competitions.

The situation for the Coronavirus emergency is constantly changing and any decision will depend on the provisions of the government authorities, as well as the availability of the circuits and their safety standards. The difficulties are many and varied, but the common intention is to return to the circuit as soon as possible, in the best condition for the health of drivers and professionals.

The discussions on the restart of the season proceed and when there is other news, Motoxracing and EMG Events will communicate them.