In the splendid and prestigious setting of the Motor Bike Expo in Verona, EMG Eventi and Motoxracing have officially presented the Women's European Cup, the great novelty of the 2020 motorcycle season. The presentation took place in front of a large and interested public, to whom they were made known the main characteristics of the trophy.

The first season of the Women's European Cup, which has already obtained the prestigious title of "European FIM Cup", will take place in conjunction with five of the six stages of the CIV and the girls registered will compete in a total of six races. It will be possible to participate with their national license or acquire an international one at a special cost and, moreover, the riders will be able to compete with an accredited team or enjoy the logistical support of Motoxracing. The trophy is already enjoying great success in terms of registration, with requests from Italy, Europe and beyond, and among the audience that followed the presentation there were also several girls who have already joined the project.

Moving on to the more technical aspects, the trophy will see the Supersport 300 category on the track. The technical regulation will be "Open", based on the 2019 season of the Italian Championship of category, and the bikes allowed are all those approved for the Supersport 300 at the level. national and international. As for the tires, also in this Motoxracing and EMG Events trophy will have the support of the historic partner Dunlop, who will supply the D213 GP Pro compounds. Last but not least, the great video coverage that the Women's European Cup will enjoy has been announced: live streaming, interviews in the closed park, visibility on FIM Europe's media and social channels and dedicated in-depth analysis on Motor TV (Sky channel 228).

The Women's European Cup represents a new, very important step in the growth of women's motorcycling, made possible not only by the work of Motoxracing, Letizia Marchetti and EMG Eventi, but also by the support provided by Dunlop, the Italian Motorcycle Federation (who participated in the presentation with the President Giovanni Copioli and the Head of the Speed ​​sector Simone Folgori) and FIM Europe. The latter was represented at the launch of the Women's European Cup by Antonella Martometti, who reaffirmed the great enthusiasm and interest surrounding the growth of the women's movement.

The appointment is now set for the weekend of 25 and 26 April, when the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli will host the very first round of this long-awaited trophy and, finally, become reality.

Sandro Carusi (Motoxracing): "The Women's European Cup is the culmination of a project launched a year and a half by Motoxracing, EMG Eventi and Letizia Marchetti. We have seen an interest in women's motorcycling growing and therefore we decided to create this trophy, which represents a great opportunity both for the more experienced pilots and for those who are a little more novice. We are very happy to be able to start this new project and we are looking forward to the inaugural round. "

Max De Simone (EMG Events): "It is a great joy for us to be able to inaugurate an all-female championship and we are happy with the great interest shown by the sponsors and pilots from Italy, Europe and overseas. Furthermore, it makes us happy to see that they have several teams have joined the project, who have requested accreditation to participate. Many girls have already understood how important this opportunity is and we are delighted to be able to welcome them into a trophy that, let us remember, is giving away a European title. the race will be five and will take place in the renowned context of the CIV, on the Misano, Imola, Mugello and Vallelunga circuits.We at EMG Eventi and Motoxracing thank all the people who attended the presentation and who took an interest in the Women's European Cup. "

Letizia Marchetti: "I'm very happy for this project. In 2019 we created the LetyXracing girls' school and we gave many girls the opportunity to run on the track and, in some cases, to run at high levels. This project was strongly desired by me, Motoxracing and EMG Eventi and after a very positive first season we thought of doing something bigger. In the end we managed to make this championship reality thanks to the support of the IMF and FIM Europe and now we look forward to the first round of the season. "

Giovanni Copioli (FMI President): "For years we have been thinking about how to re-emphasize women's motorcycling. In the past we had created a special commission, while now we support this new trophy. We are happy with the birth of the Women's European Cup, also because it enjoys the important title of the 'European Cup', and to welcome it in the context of the CIV. "

Simone Folgori (FMI Speed Manager): "It seemed the right time to introduce an all-female trophy. The IMF is increasingly open to new things and this, combined with the commitment of willing people, has made this new project a reality. It will be a trophy recognized by FIM Europe and will enjoy live streaming. We expect to have many drivers registered and races fought. "

Roberto Finetti (Dunlop Motorcycle Manager): “We are happy to face this new challenge too. 2019 was an intense year of success, both on asphalt and off-road. We are confident that the trophy will impress with the performance and overtaking that these drivers will be able to do. "